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  • 55 and 70 foot batting cage nets, free shipping on all stock nets
  • Custom custom nets, batting nets, barrier nets, and hitting cages. Build your own using our net calculator.
  • Batting Cage Hardware
  • Complete batting cage frames and cable kits - from indoor or outdoor, home to professional.
  • Build A Portable Putting Green
Stock sized batting cage nets.

Standard Lengths are 55 Feet and 70 feet long. Less expensive than Custom Size Nets.

Custom netting, batting cages, barrier panels, and hitting cages.

We can build a net any size to meet your needs.

Complete batting cage frames and cable kits.

We have the equipment you need to install your net, indoors or out.

Batting Cage Nets and Frame Kits

Stock sized batting cage nets.

Stock Sized Batting Nets has lead the industry in designing high quality batting cage nets since 2001. Whether it's POLY-HDPE netting for backyard and recreational use, or NYLON netting for schools and organizations, our high-density FlexMesh has earned a reputation as the best value in the industry.

Our standard batting cage nets are available in 55' and 70' lengths, 12' and 14' widths, and 12' high. These standards allow for proper usage by all ages, from little league to professional levels.

Custom netting, batting cages, barrier panels, and hitting cages.

Custom Batting Nets employs a professional team of net shops with 100+ years of experience building nets in all shapes and sizes. No project is too complicated for our skilled staff. Our Custom Netting Calculator makes it easy to build tunnels, barrier nets and hitting cages. Simply select the netting style you need, enter your dimensions, and receive an instant quote.

Most custom netting can be built in as quick as 6-12 business days, with expedited production available.

Complete batting cage frames and cable kits.

Complete Batting Cage Frame Kits

We offer the most complete batting cage kits in the industry, hands-down. We are a professional batting cage shop of seasoned fabricators & installers. We know what it takes to safely install your batting cage net indoors or out, while achieving maximum functionality and minimal trips to the hardware store. Our CurtainCage Complete Indoor Kit is the easiest and quickest way to collapse your net for easy storage, and is our most popular batting cage kit.

We also offer a variety of outdoor batting cage frames for every need and budget.

About Us

Since 2001 has supplied batting cages and practice equipment to thousands of organizations across the country, including Major League Baseball teams like the Minnesota Twins and the Texas Rangers. Players in all 50 states have come to depend on our commitment to quality and customer service. We've also helped thousands of homeowners install affordable batting cages everywhere from basements to barns and backyards.

As you'll soon discover, the experience and attention to detail of the staff at is unmatched in the industry. We take pride in taking the standards of batting cages to a new level. We have made it our mission to improve the safety and functionality of batting cages one by one, for over a decade.

Drop us a line today. We look forward to working with you.

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Customer Testimonials


What is Nylon and Why is it Used in Batting Cage Nets?

We covered the history of Polyethylene in Batting Cage Nets a few weeks ago, and now it's time to take a look at nylon and how and why it's used as a batting cage material. Nylon is a polyamide invented by the DuPont Corporation in the late 1930's. Nylon was intended to be a synthetic replacement for silk. During World War II nylon was substituted for silk in parachutes ropes, flak vests, vehicle tires, combat uniforms, and many other military uses. Nylon fibers are now used in fabrics, carpets and ropes.  Solid nylon is used for mechanical parts and as an engineering material. Nylon is stronger than sisal, hemp or cotton. It is...

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What is Poly and Why is it Used in Batting Cage Nets?

Poly may refer to Polyethylene or polypropylene. We only use polyethylene in our batting cage nets but other manufacturers may use  a Polyethylene and Polypropylene blend for their products. Polypropylene is a much weaker fiber when it comes to both strength and UV protection. Always be sure to ask your retailer if the net is made of pure polyethylene or a polypropylene blend. Since we only use polyethylene in our poly batting cage nets, lets talk about polyethylene and how it is used to create batting cage nets. [caption id="attachment_1498" align="aligncenter" width="417"] 36 Gauge Poly Batting...

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Batting Cage Net Basics

Since 2001 our main focus at Practice Sports has always been batting cage nets. With so many manufacturers now supplying batting cage netting, purchasing a net can be a confusing process. We’re here to make that process much easier with just a few simple tips. There are three main considerations when purchasing netting: material, gauge, and size. Netting typically comes in two material types, Nylon and Poly. Poly is less expensive than Nylon, but is less durable. Nylon is more expensive than Poly, but lasts a lot longer. Poly does not require any additional treatment to be considered waterproof. Nylon, by itself does require an...

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Custom Batting Cage Nets - projects for Fall 2014

As the cold weather months approach us, Practice Sports is heating up with custom netting projects. We are building new batting cage nets & tunnels for commercial training facilities and home-owners everyday. Some of our recent projects are outlined below to give a sampling on the type of custom netting work we do. Custom Batting Cage Net -- Pittsburgh, PA A coach in PA recently ordered a double-wide batting cage net to use this winter for his players. He is installing this in a pole barn, using our Curtaincage sliding batting cage kits. The cage is 55'L x 28'W x 14'W with a sliding curtain, to create 2 lanes at 55' x 14' or...

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Fire Retardant Netting

The majority of netting in the marketplace is not naturally fire retardant. Due to accidents and  increased regulation by local Fire Marshals, fire codes are becoming more strict for products that will hang/drape inside a building, which may obstruct exit and/or may cause the fire to spread more rapidly. Practice Sports offers a solution for netting requiring a certified fire retardant rating. Receive an instant quote for custom nets. The following netting passes NFPA 701-1989 Small Scale Flame Resistance. 1-3/4" Knotless Mesh Perfect for baseball barrier netting & batting cage tunnels. This is a heavy-duty mesh material...

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